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The king and queen of the logistics chain
In intralogistics, efficiency is king and accuracy is queen. In this dynamic duo, remaining quantity control plays a critical role. It is a component that is often overshadowed by its more prominent relative, the picking process, but is nevertheless crucial to the success of the entire logistics chain. But why is this control so important and how can it change the intralogistics landscape?

The importance of picking process optimisation

Before we turn to NIMMSTA’s specific contribution, let’s delve into the world of logistics, where the picking process represents a significant part of a warehouse’s operating costs. Optimising this process can contribute significantly to cost savings while increasing customer satisfaction.

Why remaining quantity control is crucial
Remaining quantity control is crucial for several reasons:
1. reducing stock-outs: Accurate control of stock levels helps to minimise stock-outs. This is crucial to avoid disruptions in the supply chain and keep customer satisfaction high.
2. optimising stock levels: by monitoring remaining quantities, companies can refine their stock management strategies, reduce overstocks and thus lower inventory costs.
3. increase operational efficiency: Effective remaining quantity control enables a faster response to fluctuations in demand, improves order fulfilment and increases overall operational efficiency. 

Technological advances and their impact
The introduction of advanced technologies such as barcode scanners, wearables and voice picking has significantly improved the accuracy and speed of the picking process. These technologies support efficient remaining quantity control by providing real-time information on inventory levels and reducing sources of error.

The role of a warehouse management system (WMS)
An efficient WMS is essential for optimising remaining quantity control. It provides a centralised platform for monitoring stock movements and inventory levels, enabling accurate inventory management and smooth order fulfilment. NIMMSTA co-operates with and is already integrated into a number of system houses such as Ivanti, Staylinked, CIM and storelogix. This means that these customers can use NIMMSTA directly in the live environment. Further system houses can be found here.

NIMMSTA: Smart back hand scanner with touch display

A paradigm shift: NIMMSTA’s Smart Watch goes one step further by not only increasing picking efficiency, but also enabling precise remaining quantity control. By integrating directly into the warehouse management system and providing real-time information directly on the warehouse worker’s wrist, the picking process is not only accelerated, but also significantly increases accuracy. This leads to an optimisation of stock levels and a minimisation of excess stock and stock shortages.


Remaining quantity control is a critical building block for efficiency and accuracy in intralogistics. By using advanced technologies and systems, companies can not only optimise their processes, but also gain a sustainable competitive advantage. The NIMMSTA Smart Watches promise to revolutionise the way companies manage their logistics and warehousing and set a new standard for the industry. The implementation of the NIMMSTA Watch marks a turning point in intralogistics. The combination of innovative wearable technology and intelligent warehouse management not only redefines remaining quantity control, but also sets a new standard for efficiency and precision in the warehouse. In an industry that is constantly looking for ways to optimise processes and reduce costs, NIMMSTA is a pioneering solution that is changing intralogistics for good.