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Kaufland e-Commerce Fulfillment, the logistics service provider of Kaufland e-Commerce GmbH, has opted for this innovation to optimise workflows in its warehouse in Lutterberg. The use of the NIMMSTA Smart Watch marks a decisive step towards efficient and digitalised processes that enable a comprehensive transformation of workflows.

NIMMSTA’s Industrial Smart Watch in conjunction with our storelogix warehouse management system enables Kaufland e-Commerce Fulfilment employees to have both hands free during picking, which represents a fundamental improvement in process efficiency. The touch display customised on EvoScan facilitates guidance through the work processes, while the touch function enables direct communication with storelogix. Confirmations and entries are transmitted in real time, which leads to a significant reduction in the error rate and increases efficiency by up to 50 %.

In addition, the high wearing comfort of the smart watch is emphasised, which is ensured by the soft cuff and the possibility of individual, ergonomic placement. These features of the NIMMSTA Smart Watch are particularly appreciated by logisticians and contribute to a very high level of acceptance and satisfaction in the workplace.

The collaboration between NIMMSTA and our WMS storelogix forms a symbiosis based on the digital transformation of intralogistics processes. By combining people and technology, they optimise the entire logistics process. From precise goods recording to on-time dispatch processing, NIMMSTA’s smart watch solution offers an additional improvement in operational processes, supported by our innovative EvoScan software.

The use of the NIMMSTA Industrial Smart Watch in other well-known companies emphasises its versatility and efficiency. With results that document a reduction in picking times and a leaner process chain, NIMMSTA stands for innovative solutions that pave the way for the logistics industry into the future. Kaufland e-commerce fulfilment is just one example of the successful implementation of this technology, which has the potential to sustainably improve intralogistics and offer the company competitive advantages.

”storelogix and NIMMSTA pursue the same approach, which is why we fit together so well. Our joint solution is sensational, both in terms of the user experience and the increase in efficiency that we achieve. And without any integration effort for the customer and immediately ‘ready to use’.”

Andreas Funkenhauser

Co-CEO and Co-Founder, NIMMSTA

The main advantages of NIMMSTA and storelogix at a glance:


• NIMMSTA and storelogix make intralogistics processes up to 50 % more efficient
• Immediate use of the smart watch possible for all storelogix customers
• Every storelogix process is optimally displayed on the watch
• Intuitive interface ensures a great user experience
• Error rate is close to zero
• Digital (picking) processes
• All entries, confirmations and corrections are reported to storelogix in real time
• Digitalisation and Industry 4.0 are driven forward togetherMit NIMMSTA und storelogix werden intralogistische Prozesse bis zu 50 % effizienter