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The development of picking processes in logistics shows a clear evolution from manual to technology-supported approaches. Traditional methods such as pick-by-paper and pick-by-scan have offered certain advantages, including simplicity and direct implementation, but have also come with disadvantages such as an increased error rate and lower efficiency.

Technological advances in picking
With the introduction of pick-by-light and pick-by-voice systems, processes have become more efficient and less error-prone. Pick-by-light uses LEDs and digital displays to give instructions directly at the storage location, freeing up the worker’s hands and speeding up the process. Pick-by-voice uses headsets to communicate instructions, which also keeps hands free, but can lead to monotony and increased errors due to voice input.

The introduction of pick-by-vision
Pick-by-vision, supported by smart glasses or head-mounted displays, has paved the way for a further increase in efficiency. By displaying information directly in the user’s field of vision, this method combines visual cues with voice commands and enables picking tasks to be performed intuitively and quickly.

Smart Warehousing and Vision Picking
The adoption of smart warehousing technologies, including automated systems and IoT devices, has revolutionised warehouse management. Companies such as Amazon, DHL and Alibaba are utilising these technologies for improved inventory control and process efficiency. Vision picking as part of this development utilises augmented reality and smart glasses to display information directly in the field of vision, resulting in a significant increase in efficiency and accuracy.

The Role of NIMMSTA
The NIMMSTA Industrial Smart Watch represents the latest generation of this technology development. It comes at the end of a long line of innovations in the field of picking, from pen and paper to scanners and smart glasses. The Smart Watch combines the advantages of previous technologies – it is intuitive, efficient, and its wearability allows unprecedented freedom and ergonomics for the wearer.

The use of the NIMMSTA Smart Watch in the picking process is state-of-the-art technology and marks a significant leap in the efficiency and accuracy of these processes. It not only symbolises a further development of technologies such as pick-by-vision, but also offers a unique integration of functions that have been specially developed to meet the requirements of modern logistics centres.

This development demonstrates how intralogistics is being revolutionised through the use of advanced technologies, with the NIMMSTA Smart Watch playing a key role. The provision of real-world use cases and continued innovation in this area will undoubtedly continue to improve efficiency, accuracy and employee satisfaction in logistics centres worldwide.

The NIMMSTA Industrial Smart Watch is designed to add significant value for customers by pursuing three main objectives: significantly increasing the efficiency of scan-based processes, minimising the error rate and increasing employee satisfaction. These goals are achieved through a range of innovative functions:

๐Ÿ’™ Hands-free picking: The ergonomic design of the Smart Watch allows users to have both hands free, allowing natural and efficient freedom of movement throughout the picking process. This is a decisive advantage over traditional scanning devices, which often have to be held in one hand.

๐Ÿ’™ Simple process guidance using the display on the back of the hand: The display on the back of the hand provides an intuitive interface for displaying information and instructions. This makes it easier to access important data without interrupting the workflow and helps to increase efficiency.

๐Ÿ’™ Interaction by selecting options or confirming with the touch display: The touch functionality enables quick and easy interaction with the system, which simplifies operation and reduces the likelihood of errors. Employees can confirm tasks, select options and retrieve information with minimal interruptions.

๐Ÿ’™ Comfortable cuff with lightweight smartwatch: The lightweight design and customisable cuff ensure a high level of wearing comfort. This ensures a pleasant experience over longer periods of time, which in turn improves employee satisfaction and acceptance.

To summarise, the NIMMSTA Smart Watch not only increases efficiency and accuracy in the picking process thanks to these features, but also creates a more pleasant and satisfying working environment for employees. The combination of technological innovation and ergonomic design makes it a valuable tool in modern intralogistics, helping to overcome the challenges of today’s warehouses and logistics centres.