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More Than Just a Back-of-Hand Scanner

Welcome to the future of intelligent back-of-hand scanners – welcome to NIMMSTA!

In the constantly evolving world of intralogistics, NIMMSTA has reached a milestone and presents not just a back-of-hand scanner, but an intelligent wearable. This back-of-hand scanner stands out not only for its innovative technology but especially for its intelligent touch display. Let’s take a look at why NIMMSTA is much more than just a conventional back-of-hand scanner.

A Touch Display that Revolutionizes Communication

The handy NIMMSTA back-of-hand scanner is equipped with a touch display that goes far beyond the functions of a traditional back-of-hand scanner. This feature not only enables user-friendly operation but also revolutionizes the way we communicate in intralogistics.

Thanks to the intuitive user interface, logisticians can effortlessly navigate through menus, enter inventory corrections, and retrieve information – all with an ease that optimizes workflow: this elevates communication to a new level. This is what really differentiates NIMMSTA from conventional back-of-hand scanners. The touch display serves not only for data entry but also enables the exchange of real-time information between the logisticians and the system.

The two-way communication helps to reduce errors and increase overall performance in intralogistics. It becomes a collaborative tool that facilitates a seamless connection between human and machine or robot. The NIMMSTA Smart Watch represents an all-in-one tool that connects logisticians and processes.

Using NIMMSTA means not just investing in technologically advanced technology, but also in a more efficient and agile way of working.

Learn more about the possibilities of NIMMSTA on the website and discover how the Smart Watch can revolutionize your intralogistics.